Cyberbullying is a crime that emerged with the birth of the internet. It took time to realize what cyberbullying is and that it is an equally serious crime as the ones that take place physically. Many times, the victim does not realize when the bullying starts to take its course. A lot of these victims are teens who aren’t quite aware of how to react when stuck in such situations. Being an adult, it is our responsibility to help children around us to understand what cyberbullying is and how to tackle it. We found some really helpful tips on and here is what you need to know about how to identify if a child is being cyberbullied and how to stop it as a guardian.

1. Signs To Look For
While these signs may not be related to cyberbullying only, they could very well lead to it in many cases. If your child is experiencing trouble falling asleep, avoiding to go to school, showing decreasing self-esteem, having repeated nightmares, has grades going down, feeling helpless, constantly checking social media or their phones, and are too concerned about anyone touching their phones, it could be a sign of them being cyberbullied.

2. Create A Safe Space

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