Good exercise and eating habits are vital and are best established at a young age. By teaching your teen effective and enjoyable ways to exercise and stay well, you are setting her up to live a healthy and happy life. Here are five things you should do to help your teen get excited about physical fitness and wellness, according to Christian Palmer, strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer at Equinox Mamaroneck.

Make sure his focus isn’t the scale.
In a world dominated by social media and superficial mindsets, teens are very conscious of how they look versus how they feel. Palmer suggests the first thing to teach your child when it comes to exercising is not to focus on the scale, but instead on the way that exercising makes him feel. Learning how to use his body to do things like absorb the force from a jump and lift weights does not solely mean losing weight.

Help her eat healthy, but don’t enforce a strict diet.

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