The continual evolution of technology makes it easy for teenagers to access new information and communicate with friends and family. Even though having the world at their fingertips offers knowledge and connects teens to people with similar interests, teenagers who spend an excessive amount of time surfing the web and perusing social media sites put themselves at risk for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and privacy invasions. Sensitive information meant for a select audience can rapidly spread to the masses, and it’s nearly impossible to remove it from cyberspace.

Unfortunately, there is only so much even the most proactive parent can do. Private accounts prevent parents from knowing with whom their kids are hanging around and what they’re discussing. The popularity of one social network quickly shifts to another, leaving not-so-tech-savvy parents stumped. Another problem is that teens don’t have to abide by house rules if they’re using social media and the internet away from home.

That’s why local schools are enforcing technology policies and making students and parents aware of them. Administrators know smartphones and online activities distract teenagers from their studies, but they also believe adolescents and young adults are especially vulnerable to the web content they encounter.

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