Getting enough good sleep is essential for kids as they grow up.But unfortunately, teens are not known for their great sleep schedules. Dr. Stiehm has a few tips to get your kids snoozing at a healthy level:

Snack smartly. Avoid heavy meals, fried foods and caffeine one to two hours before bedtime. Try a light snack of fruit or cereal instead.

Shut down screens. Schedule a “screen shutdown” at least an hour or two before bed. That means no phones, computers or TVs.

Stick to a schedule. Encourage your teens to go to bed and get up around the same time every night and morning – even on weekends.

Be a sleep sleuth. If you’ve tried everything and nothing’s working, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Your teen could have an undiagnosed condition like sleep apnea, or maybe a certain medication is causing insomnia.

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