About 81 percent of parents who were surveyed either believe that teen dating violence is not an issue or they admit that they do not know if it is an issue, according to data gathered by Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

However, an anonymous survey called the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System given to high school students in Utah in 2013 showed that 27.9 percent of teens in dating relationships had experienced teen dating violence. So how can parents know if and when this is happening to their teens?

According to Whitney Leavitt, prevention education specialist for the Center for Women and Children in Crisis, or CWCIC, in Orem, there are definite signs that could signal a problem with dating violence in teens.

“A huge sign is if the person is really possessive with the partner’s time, isolating them from friends and family if the partner gets upset when the other wants to hang out with their family,” she said. “If the partner is checking up constantly, monitoring phone, constant texts, wanting to know everything they’re doing.”

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