Girl texting on smartphone at home

When kids are young, parents are used to swooping in and rescuing them whenever they need help. As your kids get older and their problems become more complex, you have to transition into more of a supporting role, and that can be difficult. This is especially true with teens who are struggling with depression. They need help to get better, but first they have to want that help.

Signs your child is depressed:

Has she been sad or irritable most of the day, most days in a week for at least two weeks?
Has she lost interest in things that she used to really enjoy?
Have her eating or sleeping habits changed?
Does she have very little energy, very little motivation to do much of anything?
Is she feeling worthless, hopeless about her future, or guilty about things that aren’t her fault?
Have her grades dropped, or is she finding it difficult to concentrate?
Has she had thoughts of suicide? If so it’s crucial you have her evaluated by a mental health professional immediately. If the thoughts are really serious and there is imminent threat, you will need to take her to an ER.

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