Distraught woman sitting on chair

There are reasons why teen girls struggle to communicate with confidence. Teen girls today are faced with more pressure than ever before. Not only do they have to juggle academic pressures, home life and friends, but add in the digital world and life gets messy. Communicating with confidence in these tricky situations is incredibly difficult for teen girls.


There is no Google search or class at school that teaches teen girls exactly how to handle the drama that comes with being a teenager in today’s world. If you’re a parent or an adult who works with teen girls, it’s likely you didn’t have the same pressures as she does, so it can be hard to relate. Girls don’t always seek help which makes it even more of a challenge to help her feel confident, especially in communicating with others.

If teen girls don’t learn how to speak up and say things assertively in their teen years they are bound to have difficulty as adults. This impacts their self-esteem and confidence as they hold their emotions in. When girls can learn to speak up and express themselves their lives can change significantly. They are braver, more sure of themselves, they feel confident asking for help and have good boundaries as well as self-respect.

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