The father of the teen accused of fatally shooting 10 people Friday at a Texas high school has defended his son as a “solid boy” and said he suspected the 17-year-old was bullied.

“I believe that’s what was behind the shooting,” Antonios Pagourtzis told The Wall Street Journal in an interview about his son Dimitrios Pagourtzis.

This spurred Columbia University junior Alexandra Sofine to write that she understood the serious effects of bullying and to ask two important questions:

“Who is responsible for noticing emotional distress?”
Can “mistreatment and bullying at school be enough to justify the killing of classmates?”

Friday’s fatal school shooting in Texas marked the seventh school shooting, where someone was hurt or killed, so far this year. How do we as a society move forward? And should bullying be part of our national conversation about violence in schools?

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