WHITE BEAR LAKE — It might not be a good idea to take every advanced placement class.

High-achieving students are those youth that parents and teachers worry may burn out before they even get to college, said Northeast Youth and Family Services therapist Chris Vendel at a mental well-being event held by White Bear Lake Schools March 28. Vendel works with secondary students.

Although adults often don’t want to try to hold these students back, they can help students learn self-management and self-care when they face stress.

“Good coaching and proactive teaching may help kids make those tough decisions,” Vendel said. It is important to teach high-achieving students self-awareness, to learn how to listen to their body and their mind. High-achieving students can learn to make choices by identifying their true interests and things they are both good at and love to do. Students can also learn to identify what they must do versus what they can do.

“High performers need to actually assess what they know before a test to determine what to study and when to pack it up for the night,” Vendel said.

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