Your teen would love nothing more than to stay up all night playing video games or reading a fantasy novel. But the truth is, sleep deprivation makes ADHD symptoms exponentially worse — and can have other negative health effects, too. Here’s how to make sure your teen has quality bedtime.

There’s nothing teens with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) hate more than boring stuff, and there’s nothing more boring to them than sleep. In fact, aside from interesting dreams, the whole point of sleep is to be bored; to melt away your daily cares, so you can rejuvenate for another day. Sounds great, huh? Yet, as a culture, we see sleep as the thing to do when we’re done with everything else or as a lazy escape from waking events we don’t like. Teens are prone to ignore or even rebel against sleep as a core value — oftentimes resulting in sleep deprivation that can seriously impact their ADHD symptoms (and their happiness).

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