The tobacco and alcohol industries are famous for their attempts to target teenagers, most of whom are too young to legally purchase their addictive products. By targeting young audiences, these industries hope to recruit a new generation of faithful customers, despite the potential harm that their products may cause.

Students may think that they’re not being manipulated by ads and media images, whether they’re selling vapes or alco-pops, but these industries are intent on convincing vulnerable teen consumers to risk their health and future by experimenting with these addictive and potentially deadly products.

With names and flavors like Wild Berries, Jamaican Me Happy, Cupcake, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemonade, Vanilla Caramel Swirl and Very Berry Slushie, who are the alcohol and tobacco companies targeting?

Fun flavors try to hide the truth, but both alcohol and tobacco companies know that sweet and fun flavors tempt people to try their products. Don’t let the flavors fool you, they just want to entice our kids so they have their next generation of consumers. They want our kids addicted early and take advantage of their impulsiveness and wanting to fit in, so they in turn can make a profit. They say they don’t target our youth, I will let you decide.

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