There comes a time when teenagers get into situations or become curious about the use of alcohol. As a parent, you want to be proactive in having conversations with your teen about the dangers of drinking early. If they do fall into experimenting with alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem, but it is important to sit down and discuss the event or situation together.

As a parent myself, I know that no matter what I say or do, or how proactive I am, my teen is going to make mistakes. As scary as that is for us, we also know there are lessons learned when they make that poor choice. It provides an opportunity to learn and advance their own understanding and to make better choices next time.

Given that alcohol is legal for adults and there is easy access, teens do often experiment with it. Once you become aware of this, it is a great opportunity to have a conversation with your teen about its dangers. Here are some tips for tackling this difficult conversation:

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