It’s every parent’s nightmare. Your teen has confessed that they are tempted by sex, drugs, underage drinking or any other vice. You are terrified for your teen. What if they give in to those temptations? What if they get pregnant, become an addict or drive drunk? You feel guilty like this is your fault. After all, no good parent would raise a teen who was considering using drugs. What did you do wrong? How do you fix this? Can you fix this? You are also absolutely furious. You taught your teen better than this! How could they even consider anything so reckless? Don’t they realize they are throwing away their life?

None of those emotions, however, help a parent handle their teen. Plenty of parents lash out either due to panic or rage. The terrified ones often end up grilling their teen for hours about the situation and “whose tempting you? Who’s hurting my innocent baby?!”. Others turn on their teen like an angry wolverine and yell at their teen, ban them from prom or any other punishment. Neither of these reactions, however, are helpful. Most parents even realize that their reactions are counterproductive or, at the very least unhelpful. Many parents, however, do not have any idea what to do in that nightmare scenario. Here are a couple tips on what to do if your teen tells you they are tempted.

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