Recently I did a double-take as I passed my neighbor in his car. He wasn’t in the driver’s seat. He was a passenger.

I was startled to see his son operating the vehicle. Wasn’t that boy just in grade school? They grow so fast. But I digress.

This surprising sight made me think about my own sons’ future on the road — a future that’s not so far away. Once our kid gets his learner’s permit — at age 16 — and we relinquish control and ease into that side hot seat, how are we parents supposed to act? I imagine shrieking about White Knuckle Syndrome isn’t appropriate.

“It seems like a scary thing and I know because I went through it with my stepson just last year,” says AAA driving instructor Samantha Squires. “I do this for a living but when it’s your own child you’re like OMG.”

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