So, what is “sexting”? Well, believe it or not, this is a new rage where teens are sharing sexually risqué messages and/or nude pictures of themselves or others via text or on-line. While many teens openly admit that they know it’s wrong to post these sexual photos, they feel the odds of getting caught are so low that they are willing to run the risk.

Why are teen’s sexting? Peer pressure! This is the most common answer reported by teens. They state they did it because someone asked them to. I know, it seems like they could easily say no, but imagine you’re a teenage girl or boy who has a serious crush on someone, yeah you remember those days. You think you’re in love and you’ll do anything to keep your true love happy. So, you take that revealing photo and SMS it to the person you love. The act is done in less than 30 seconds. All it takes is a bad break up and that photo can be shared with more people than you can fathom in less than another 30 seconds. In fact, in less than a minute a teen’s life can be “virtually” ruined, no pun intended.

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