When you’re asked to participate in a 200-mile relay across Portland with one week’s notice, any variety of worries can pop into your head: I don’t have enough time to train! Do I have the right shoes? 200 miles!? Is that even legal?

But when Nike Running recruited me onto their race team for the iconic Hood to Coast Relay, I actually felt like I could nail the physical part of it. I was a seasoned runner and had been since high school. Running for long stretches through the woods and mountains would be easy, if not therapeutic.

My real worries were all mental: Would I mesh with the group? Would I be able to meet their expectations? What if a push notification threw me into funk? My concerns were entirely psychological. I was so nervous, that on our first group run together, I made a perhaps T.M.I. confession to one teammate noting the only reason I ran was to soothe my own depression and anxiety.

To my surprise, we had this in common. “Running has completely replaced my antidepressants,” she said.

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