They say it is a period of whirlwinds when adolescence hits an individual. This is a time when everything seems to run amok; mentally and emotionally, physically as well. As parents, one has to be there for their young teen or else chances are that they would go astray. A conversation to start with is the best way to discuss about mental health with your teen. It makes for an open window, to have in-depth and soulful discussions. This helps bridge the gap between generations too, and helps the teen understand that he or she is not alone in this battle. If having a face to face conversation with a time frame set is not possible or you as a parent feels it is too intimidating, there are other ways to communicate. Just like at teen rehab centres they use various tactics and tools to help teens overcome mental and physical pressures of life, the same can be done at home too. Here are ten ways to help teens about mental health scenarios they face. Please read on and be well-informed for the same.

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