Picture a teen couple in the hallway at school between classes. At first glance, they look pretty normal. In fact, they seem so close. But if you look a little closer you would see that something is terribly wrong.

She is wearing long sleeves on a humid day (to hide the bruises on her arms where he squeezed her when he was angry). She also has stopped curling her long blonde hair and now wears it in a simple ponytail.

(Her boyfriend tells her she looks better this way, but really he doesn’t want her long, golden hair to attract attention at school.)

When her phone vibrates with an incoming text message, he grabs it from her and reads it. (He has all her passwords and monitors all her communication, even the messages from her parents.) The message on her phone is from a friend. She wants to come over after school. He tells her to say she can’t hang out tonight. (She has to spend all her time with him now.)

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